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Conheçam o trabalho do professor e ilustrador MARCOS PINTO!

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And also:


A gift to a friend in DeviantArt.

That´s morelike a redrawn of another sketch.

But, since he enjoyed it so much, I completed Lila´s figure ( I´m suspected to say, though ^^ )with… Olga, of course!


Hope you can like this one!

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“Hey Arnold” characters( Olga Pataki, Lila Sawyer )created by Craig Bartlett

Thanks for the inspirational source!

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marcosbnpinto: June 2009

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In January 3Oth 1869:

The author( italian born, naturalized Brazilian )Angelo Agostini produced and published the first comics series in Brazil, with his “Nhô Quim”, a character of his own creation:

“The Adventures of Nhô Quim, or Impressions of a Journey to the Imperial Court”

It was published in the Rio de Janeiro magazine called “VIDA FLUMINENSE”, so it was the first Brazilian comics, and certainly one of the earliest ones in the world!
A landmark on Brazilian Sequential Art history, which is celebrated as the Day of National Comics across the country.

Celebrating this day, LIVRARIA CULTURA, located at Bourbon Country Shopping ( in Porto Alegre – RS, in BRAZIL ), in partnership with DINAMO STUDIO held a COMICS MARATHON! Those will be eight hours of continous activity, when the artists of Dinamo Studio will produce their work, interacting with the public present, an also talking about the creative process and telling about the making of this Art!

The event is scheduled for THIS Saturday, January 31th – starting at 2 PM in the “Livraria Cultura” store, located at the Bourbon Country Shopping ( Avenida Túlio de Rose, 80 – in Porto Alegre / RS, in BRAZIL ).

Admission is free.

The Dinamo Studio is a group of Southern professional authors who work with comics and illustration for publishing in Brazil and abroad.



WEINGARTNER, José R. – in: Deviantart blog entry for Jan 29th, 2009.

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