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Recess time at Pokey Oaks Elementary School.

Another one of my pics about an “alternate universe” for PPG – quite on what would concern to Fashion and Design; quite retro-looking for this one.

I made some other pics setting those PPG characters in “alternate universes” like such, if you may wish to check those^^


I´m not satisfied with the way it went on this coloring, though : actually, I rather prefer to do linearts, and I guess that I´m very, very rusted on coloring skills… but hope you can like this picture for the idea itself…

( Just in case someone would ever wish to give oneself a try on coloring this, there´s its lineart in my scraps folder there in Deviantart – excused to say that I´d be more than pleased!

Thank you for visiting!

“Powerpuff Girls” characters( Miss Keane, Robin and Bubbles )created by Craig McCracken


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