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Monthly Archives: November 2009

I´m reorganizing my notes( actually, some hints and tips that are usually asked to me, concerning to peoples´ curiosity abou this or that matter ), and that I keep posted in my blogs.

As I hadn´t the equipment( computer and scanner )in order to can upload it directly form the works printed in the primers and class marterials, I had to try to demonstrate those principles using some unlikely means( i.e.: MS Paint, made in a hurry in a computer that wasn´t mine, so I couldn´t take much longer )

Those are VERY basical hints and tips, and also those are still in Portuguese, but I hope those could be somewhat still useful for someone.

Of course,
I´ll be updating that in a more regular basis; in fact, I´m scanning the materials and primers I actually use for the drawing classes I teach to be posted either here, and also in the linked blogs, above.

Thank you for visiting!