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Monthly Archives: December 2008

“Retro City” is a Comics project that is meant to recover the aura of the first super-heroes of the Golden Age.

Inspired by the classical concepts of that period, the artist and teacher Maurício Dias created its characters, a plot/universe and set their stories which pay tribute to the visionary creators of the genre and also to their own creations.

The plot begins in 1939, when the heroes met by the first time and join forces, thus forming the “Panteão Valoroso”( something like Valiant Pantheon, translating it from Portuguese )of heroes!

The project will be published in comics form in 2006 by HQM Editora in Brazil.

Produced by the artists from Dinamo Studio:


There’s some promotional trailers at:

[link] and [link]

( transcripted from José R. Weingartner’s DA journal )


Archive, 2003/04.

… What if Townsville( and the PPG )were set in the XIXth century, instead of the next one?

I always liked to draw retro things( and those latest “Anne of Green Gables” fanarts are just another example ), and, also I always loved steampunk gadgetry and designs!

So I started to wonder that for a bit, then in 2003.
I didn’t even knew about that episode when the PPG were in the wild west, though – that came later, but thatś a kind of thing that always happen with me – and, that scenario I imagined for fanfiction/art would be the same urban Townsville we all know, though just set in the XIXth century instead.





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