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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Trust me,
I can relate to this; even for real-life situations on work.

So in special when one haves the will, and CAN do something… but is impeached by anything unpersonal, dumb and retrograde like pointless bureaucracy paperwork; or even worse( though most common ), the dumbest ill will of some people who simply doesn´t want to move their big fat lazy butts from their accomodated sine curae, which, just passing to say, are mere excuses( and also sponsored by the State )for a “job”, instead of dare something constructive.

I guessed that Olga as a teacher( too, though she´s “just” a character )could be also passing through a situation like this.

Some of you can even think that I´m overrating it( as I already saw put her as “just another dumb blonde drama queen” character ), but… I rather prefer to deal about the characters quite like I once drew for Miss Keane( foremost different personalities they do have for my so-called “fanfiction” so even their interaction wold have for it an important part )and try to give another kinds of depth to the characters, that isn´t necessarily of the same kind presented on their actual cartoons – well, what´s fanfictional( writing and drawing alike )storytelling stuff for?

Thus, for so I often recall from real-life situations like such… oh well, as much I DO pray that some of the nice things that I see happening in fiction should NOT ( actually, they are OUGHT to reality )be restricted to be “mere nice fantasies for enjoying”, I also do the reverse way, bringing some thigns that actually happen among us real people into fiction.
So stupid from me – so may I guess – but I can´t help but do things that way…

Sorry for the preach^^
Hope you can still like this doodle, though!

“Hey Arnold!” characters( Olga Pataki )created by Craig Bartlett

Thank you very much for the inspirational source!
And thank you for visiting^^

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